PLUME: Escaping the Dark Side

PLUME: Escaping the Dark Side (Live)

Passed by Boston and New York, this unknown saxophonist, Plume, came to the French stage with a stunning energy and a viola sound that takes everything in its path. With Ambrose Akinmusire as an exceptional guest. For a few months now, all Paris has only been roaring with its strange name of bird.

Where does he come from? Feather did not seek to make a name earlier. Under his pseudonym as light as mysterious, volatile and aerial, he rolled his hump between France and the United States, between New York, Nice and Paris, where he finally put his luggage. Trained at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he worked with the entire generation of Christian Scott, Walter Smith III (author of the preface of the album),

Ambrose Akinmusire (guest on two titles), Jason Palmer, Warren Wolf , Kendrick Scott … who raved about his talent and moved the lines of jazz today. If all his former classmates have integrated the Gotha of contemporary jazz, he has taken more obscure paths, more tortuous, preferring the underground to the glory, alternating the stays of one side and the other of the Atlantic, and most of his time perfecting his musical mastery, perfecting his technique and his designs.

Feather is a shadow in the city. Instrument on the shoulder, he is this samurai of the saxophone in whom the repetition of the gesture aims at a form of plenitude, in which the articulation of the sentence must reach a form of evidence, in which the deployment of the sound is a way of to enter into spiritual resonance. Plume chose jazz as one enters religion. For him, music is neither a pretext nor an artifice. She is a quest. She is an obsession. She may be a hello.

Plume reconnects with the intrepidity of jazz that pushes musicians to go beyond. His game is inhabited by an emergency that is not fake. No exercise in style, no demonstration, he plays as he is, with determination and concentration. At the head of a welded quartet, he seeks the light, not to shine but to breathe. No more laughing.

PLUME: Escaping the Dark Side

Plume, alto saxophone
Leonardo Montana, piano
Géraud Portal, double bass
Antoine Paganotti, drums
Recorded and filmed on location at Studio Sextan, Paris.


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