Lee Ritenour Live – RIT/Special (1984)

Lee Ritenour Live – RIT/Special [1984]

Great show by Lee Ritenour is one of the best contemporary jazz guitarist of the past 30 years. He has done everything from jazz rock to traditional jazz. This concert “Lee Ritenour Live – RIT/Special” was recorded live in 1984. This is a different side of Lee is because he released an album called “Banded Together” which was a more rock album than jazz. He does some standard Ritenour jazz tunes, but he also rips and soars to some of his rock songs. Vocal parts are performed by the great and unique – Phil Perry and John Massaro.

Lee Ritenour Live – RIT/Special (1984)

01. Heavenly Bodies
02. Mr. Briefcase
03. Voices
04. Dolphine Dreams
05. Operator
06. Other Love
07. Sunset Drivers
08. Mandela
09. Amaretto
10. Rio Funk
11. Is It You?
12. Rit Variations II
13. I’m Not Responsible

Lee Ritenour Live – RIT/Special (1984)

Guitar – Lee Ritenour
Bass – Jimmy Johnson
Keyboards – Barnaby Finch
Saxophone – Ernie Watts
Drums – Carlos Vega
Vocals – John Massaro, Phil Perry

Lee Ritenour Live – RIT/Special [1984]


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